Parent-Teacher Association

Who are the PTA?
The PTA is made up of parents/caregivers and school staff who come together for approximately one hour each month. We invite and encourage everyone to attend!

The PTA executive will meet as needed in 2021-2022.

What are the functions?
The PTA co-ordinates fundraising and organizes special events that occur in the school. Due to COVID19, there will be limited fundraising happening in 2021-2022.

Why is a PTA needed?
The PTA is necessary to provide financial support and special resources to the school for things that are not covered within the school’s budget.

Did you know?
The PTA provides the funds for seasonal art supplies, classroom learning materials, miscellaneous equipment, special in-school events and the Christmas Turkey Dinner just to name a few.

How is this done?
Fundraisers: Each year the PTA co-ordinates school fundraisers. Our fall fundraisers include Norcard and the Fall Harvest.  Movie Nights are also held at times throughout the year!
Fall Harvest: In October, the PTA holds a fun-filled family evening known as Fall Harvest. Tickets are purchased for food, games, raffles and other items.
Christmas Bazaar: In December, the PTA puts on a Christmas Bazaar for students to choose gifts for their immediate family members and have their treasures gift wrapped. Gently used items, no larger than a shoe box, are donated to the school and attractively displayed in the gym. This is a very special day enjoyed by both the volunteers and children!

2021-2022 Executive:
President - Krystal Kristiansen
Vice-President - TBD
Treasurer - Brenda Wood
Secretary - Tanya MacAloney 

Please come help support the activities of this worthwhile organization!