Enfield District School Update - Monday, April 6, 2020


Dear Families,

Public Health is the priority for all of us. Our school community needs to adhere to expectations from Public Health as we want our students to see how we can all do our part to stay healthy.

In the meantime, our school has been working together to support your children. Our school counsellor, Mrs. O’Donnell, has put together information to support your children with the reality of what is happening. Please see the attached information. Your family’s wellness is our first priority!

Please continue to communicate with us. We know that your situation is unique and we want provide support, not overwhelm you or your children.

Classroom teachers have been in touch with you to share how they will communicate information with you. Teachers may communicate different ways with certain families depending on their situation (ie. families without internet).

Updates from previous communication:

  • All emails were delivered successfully the last time I sent a school-wide email.
  • If you know a parent who isn’t getting my emails, please ask them to email Mrs. MacPhee at macpheelm@ccrce.ca to add their email to their child’s registration information on our system.
  • Some families have shared that they can now access the internet on their PlayStation or Xbox and use this as a device to do learning activities.

Here is our school plan for this week:

On Monday and Tuesday, teachers will be finalizing learning activities for your children. These activities are meant to support the work that your child has already been doing with their teacher. The first few activities will be more of a review. We hope that this approach will support your child as they get in to a new routine doing work prepared by his/her teacher and sharing information with their teacher. This will look different for students in grade primary in comparison to students in grade five.

On Wednesday, Teachers will be sharing these activities with you and your children. Please keep in mind that this experience is new for all of us. Teachers will adjust along the way as this is their first experience providing your child and your family with support at a distance. Your role is to decide what is best for your child, communicate that with the teacher and ask any questions along the way.

Teachers will share a daily office hour when they will be available to respond to your child and/or to you about thoughts or questions you may have. You can connect with teachers at any point however given their situation (balancing responsibilities they may have in their own home) they may not get back to you right away.

On Wednesday, you will also receive a provincial at-home learning package with flyers that are delivered around the province. This package will come with your flyers. If you don’t get weekly flyers, you can call this number (1-800-565-3339) or visit www.saltwire.com/nshomelearning to ensure that the flyers get to you. The at-home learning packages will be delivered on a bi-weekly basis.  The goal of these packages is to reach students without a high-speed internet connection or students without devices. These packages are for students in grades P – 9.

You are not required to do both the package and learning activities sent by the teacher but please talk to your child’s teacher and come up with a plan to support your child.

Your child’s wellness comes first!

A Learning Plan for Students – Provincial Highlights


Take care,


Tina Knol
Enfield District School