Enfield District School Update - Friday, March 27, 2020


Our staff is thinking about our students and families within our school community. We hope you are well and staying safe. It’s certainly a unique circumstance we find ourselves in and around the world. We understand that many of you are in situations that are unique to your own family. We appreciate that there also may be a range of feelings that your children, as well as the adults in your life, are having as a result.

This past week, teachers have had chance to make appointments to come get essential items at school. Arrangements were made for our school’s food items to be donated to local food banks and preparation is underway for teachers to communicate to you at the beginning of next week. Our staff will have a digital meeting on Monday to discuss our school’s next steps. We will also make sure that they align with the Province (Education and Early Childhood Development) and Regions across the province. Educators are working together to develop learning plans for students in Nova Scotia during the school closure. Communication will be shared on our CCRCE website as it becomes available. Please check CCRCE.ca regularly for updates.

Take care of yourself, take care of each other and help take care of our community. We will get through this together!

Enfield Staff