School Advisory Council

The School Advisory Council (SAC) was established in March 2000. The School Advisory Council is made up of parents, teachers, support staff and community members. The members take an active interest in the students attending this school and are concerned about any policies or changes that may affect Enfield District's students. Our SAC Chair now has a SAC email should you need to communicate with our SAC Council or our SAC Chair ( This email account will be checked on a weekly basis. Family members are encouraged to speak to your child's teacher first and then, contact the Principal or Vice Principal. For general SAC information, please consult the Nova Scotia School Advisory Council Handbook at

The SAC meets five times a year, virtually in 2020-2021.  Minutes are attached below.

Parent Representatives:

Diana Stead (Co-chair)

Kelly MacKinnon (Co-chair)

Amanda Dillman

Kirsten Davison

Janine Gallant

Emma Newell

Kayla Hill

Nicki Murphy

Community Representatives:

Robyn Mansfield

Lauren McKinley

Danielle Dillman

Support Staff Representative:


Teacher Representatives:

Hannah Armstrong


Tina Knol (Principal)

Paula Horne (Vice Principal)